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Nutrient Support


Brain health is impacted by the foods we eat and 1 Health Place encourages eating a well balanced diet as part of any wellness protocol. We also know personally how hard that can be with our normal hectic busy everyday lives. To compensate our diets and enhance performance we recommend the following supplements.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends we eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Most people don't come anywhere close. Therefore, 1 Health Place researched the marketplace for what we think are the best reds and greens supplements and we found JuicePlus! Clinically proven Juice Plus+ helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day. JuicePlus is derived from food, so it is completely different than typical multivitamin supplements.




Cognitex Basics - Life Extension
Life Extension, the world’s authority in longevity, dietary supplements and vitamins, is now looking for outstanding customers demanding only the highest quality supplements and health information! In particular, we recommend Life Extensions Cognitex®. Cognitex is formulated to take advantage of the latest developments and ingredients for cognitive health. Visit the link and enjoy the full range of products and services offered by Life Extension.




Walk-In Lab provides direct-to-consumer medical lab tests nationwide. Medical lab tests are one of the most effective and proven methods for preventing and detecting disease. Now everyone can order convenient, affordable and confidential lab tests online with far greater savings and faster results than traditional testing channels.




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