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Lyme Disease

Quantitative Electroencephalography Patterns Associated With Medical Conditions
D. Corydon Hammond, PhD, ECNS, QEEG-D, BCIA-EEG

Chabot and Sigal (1995) evaluated 29 patients with Lyme disease. Abnormal QEEG or evoked potentials were found in 75% of active Lyme disease patients, and "despite treatment, persisting signs of cortical neurophysiological dysfunction were still present in 54% of the patients in the post CNS [central nervous system] Lyme disease group" (p. 143). Some patients manifested excess theta and/or delta power, similar to dementia and systemic lupus with cognitive complaints. The major complaint of this subgroup was memory problems. Two patients, on the other hand, displayed cortical hyperexcitability, with excess absolute and relative power beta in one case (who complained of anxiety, headaches, and sleep problems) and excess alpha with increased alpha mean frequency in the other case (who complained of fatigue and sleep problems). Several patients also displayed focal abnormalities involving left/right hemisphere power asymmetry and/or incoherence problems.

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