Neurofeedback News:

Fee Arrangement

It is our mission to help as many children as possible utilizing neurofeedback training.  Therefore, fee arrangements can be made for families in need, based on ability to pay.

With support from various charities, grants, and donations from private donors, The Brain Wave Center ensures that any deserving child who needs and wants help can receive it.

To apply for a fee reduction for your child please complete the Application for Fee Reduction, and submit it to The Brain Wave Center.

Before beginning this neurofeedback program, please be sure that you and/or your child can commit to and have time for the training plan.  Successful attainment of treatment goals are dependent on consistent attendance at neurofeedback training sessions.

For a copy of our Children’s brochure, please click here.

If you have any specific questions regarding fee reductions for children, please call us
at 941-552-4500.

Thank You.