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A neurophysiological evaluation is the assessment and quantification of the function of the central nervous system. It is a set of non-invasive tests based on multiple electroencephalograms (EEG) with different types of stimulation. Each EEG is performed using the 10-20 international system with 23 electrodes placed on a specific area of the cortex. Remember, all of this is non invasive and the electrode is placed on top of the scalp using a hat or hair net to hold the electrode.

Depending on the patient’s age and degree of cooperation, the technician will perform various EEGs with different stimulation. There are three basic EEGS that we perform in all patients, even if they do not cooperate or are too young. These EEGs consist in one without stimulation, with auditory stimulation and light stimulation. There are other EEGs that we can perform on patients that cooperate and are able to read and understand instructions. These EEGs are used to measure attention, visual space memory, emotions and generation of ideas.

The evaluation lasts around 20 minutes when performing only the 3 basic EEGs and 30 minutes when performing all of the other EEGs.

After the technician has finished recording the EEGs, they will be processed and transformed into other neurophysiological tests that are very specific for analyzing the function of each region in the cortex.