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What if you had the power to change your life?  And what if you could do it without drugs, with no pain, the positive effects are noticed quickly, the benefits are permanent and the whole process was relatively inexpensive.  Now you can with Neurofeedback!


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A typical training regimen is as follows:


Brain Map

A technician administers a brain map. You wear a cap that captures signals in the brain. You simply relax with your eyes open for 6 minutes, then 6 more minutes with your eyes closed while the computer collects a data map of your brain. 


Analyze Results

A report is generated containing a detailed analysis of your brain wave function. The report also issues a protocol for retraining options.  This will include photic sessions, as well as suggested supplements.



Once a retraining protocol is agreed upon, you will return to our office for scheduled photic sessions to correct and repair the neural pathways. Sessions are up to 1 hour, and involve watching a movie or educational DVD while wearing the photic glasses


Typically, sessions last 45 minutes.  The number of sessions needed varies with the severity and type of problem being treated. Positive, measurable results such as improved mood, better sleep or a reduction in headaches are often seen quickly, even after just a few sessions.  Lasting results come with repeated training.  Several package plans are available.  One of our staff will be happy to explain them so you can choose the plan that is right for you.  Family discounts are also available.


Neurofeedback is often an effective alternative to medications, or can be used to complement medications and psychotherapy if already a part of your brain health program.


Call 941-552-4500 to schedule your appointment.