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Author: Created: 8/9/2012 4:19 PM
This blog provides you with information about how neurofeedback can help improve brain function in a wide variety of conditions.
By asadmin on 7/31/2014 5:51 PM

Just last week, the Denver Broncos announced that Coach Pat Bowlen is stepping down because of Alzheimer's disease. This leads many of us to question, "Should I be tested and do I really want to know the results?"

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Overall, Dementia is not a specific disease, but a term that applies to symptoms associated with cognitive or mental decline.  There are over 100 types of dementia of which 8 are most common and include mini stroke, Alzheimer’s and others (I’ll list and explain the top 8 in a future blog.)  Of course Alzheimer’s tends to scare us the most and affects over 4 million Americans.

By asadmin on 3/15/2013 9:26 AM

This week, Dr. Aguilar's team is at our center in Sarasota, FL, and people are traveling from all over the country to come and get their therapies. Instead of having to go to Mexico, where Dr. Aguilar's home base is, they now have a convenient location within the US to get these cutting-edge therapies. No more need to travel to Mexico, no more need to take off work for a week - it can all be done right here, and we're even taking clients on the week-end.

To find out more about this absolutely phenomenal therapy, please give us a call at (941) 552-4500.

By asadmin on 3/7/2013 5:44 PM

Next week, we have Dr. Aguilar's team that is coming to our office for neurotrophic factor therapy. This is a cutting-edge tool that can help the brain create new neurons! This is virtually unheard of, but Dr. Aguilar has documented this for the last 30 years. In other words, whenever there is a brain defect, such as in autism, or Alzheimer's, this therapy can help the brain create new neurons that may compensate for the deficit.

We are really excited about this therapy, and if you would like to learn more, feel free to give us a call at (941) 552-4500.

By asadmin on 2/21/2013 2:54 PM
Neurofeedback is a great modality to teach the brain to function more optimally, by inducing the brain to create new connections between neurons (nerve cells). But, like with the growth of any tissue, that requires nutrients. You can teach the brain all you want, if it doesn't have the necessary nutrients to make new connections, then the benefit of neurofeedback would be limited.

So, to get the most out of neurofeedback, it is important to ensure that the brain has all the nutrients it needs. What are some of these nutrients? Here are some of the most important ones:

* Omega-3's: the brain contains a lot of fat, and about a third of that is DHA, one of the omega-3's

* Phosphatidyl-choline: necessary as a building block for cell membranes

* Anti-oxidants: help protect the brain from further damage

* Nootropics: these are substances that increase the blood flow to the brain, so that there are enough nutrients and enough oxygen for optimal function. This is also important for memory.

By asadmin on 2/4/2013 6:51 PM

We just created a great little video introducing our Neurofeedback Center... Check it out!



By asadmin on 10/9/2012 4:26 PM

Neurofeedback has been found to improve Peak Performance... Check it out!



So, you don't have to be sick or have some mental condition to benefit from Neurofeedback... What could be better than having your brain reach its maximum potential? Have you had any experience with Neurofeedback? Please share your thoughts below...


By asadmin on 9/27/2012 3:56 PM

We recently came across the following video on YouTube, which shows how Neurofeedback can help improve your golf game:



What is your experience with Neurofeedback? How has your game improved after just a few sessions? Please share your thoughts below...


By asadmin on 9/20/2012 4:13 PM

Recently, we had a client come in with severe social anxiety and high amounts of stress, that he had for the last 30 years. It made his life really miserable, and put additional stress on his relationships. After discovering NeuroIntegration Therapy, he was excited to begin his brain training. After 4 or 5 sessions, he reported that he was better able to handle everyday stress, but the big breakthrough came after his 11th session. He came in with a big smile on his face, and shared with us his latest success: he was able to have his first dinner party in about 10 years without having an anxiety attack!! It's these kinds of success stories that make us want to come to work every day...

In addition, we're proud to announce that 1 Health Place has joined the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce this week!


By asadmin on 9/4/2012 4:35 PM

We just added a Product Review section on our website that provides you with valuable tools that help enhance your brain health and well-being. We searched for the best possible products available for our personal use, and selected the ones you can find on that page. And since we liked them so much, we decided to share them with you, too...

Here is the link:

By asadmin on 8/9/2012 4:32 PM

Hello and welcome to 1 Health Place's first blog!

Here is where you'll find the latest news on everything about optimal brain health and wellness. From great product and service updates to interviews with clients and industry leaders, we will bring you unbiased and cutting-edge information. So, bookmark this blog and email to a friend.

Until next time...

Dr. Schuster