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At the Brain Wave Center our passion is to help everyone live life to its fullest!

Protecting brain health is vital if the pursuit of a longer life is to have any meaning or even fun. In fact, some degree of cognitive decline is inevitable as we age or simply due to life’s consequences, unless we take steps to prevent it.

Remember, the brain is the only organ in the body that is involved in everything you do.

We help you achieve your goals by utilizing Brain Map based neurofeedback. Neurofeedback , is a training technique that offers clients real-time feedback on their brainwave activity. Brain functionality is first detected by performing an initial qEEG Brain Map . Based on your Brain Map, a customized neurofeedback training program is designed specifically for you.

We came together because we believe that the combination of Brain Function Assessments and Neurofeedback training represents a shift in how everyone can focus on reaching life goals. Retrain your brain and enjoy life!

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